Kelvin Hair
1901 Mayflower rd. FT. PIERCE, FL 34950     (772) 519-0259
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Kelvin Hair was born in Vero Beach, Florida. He is the son of Mattie
Thornton  and Alfred Hair. Kelvin Hair is a Lieutenant and 23 year veteran of
the Saint Lucie Co. Fire Dept.  He is the proud father of three children.
Kelvin’s dad first introduced him to art when he was a toddler. Although
Kelvin’s father passed away before Kelvin was old enough to be
fundamentally proficient in the craft, Kelvin had a rooted desire for art that
manifested itself as early as middle school where Kelvin would draw
constantly and even used the walls of his bedroom as a canvas to create
original works of art fueled by bold imagination.
Kelvin started painting on canvas with oil in high school at the age of 16. Kelvin met artist A.E.Backus at the
age of 17.  Backus widely known to be the art teacher of the Highwaymen founder, Alfred Hair, immediately
took to Kelvin.   As Kelvin began shaping his skills, he took one of his paintings to Backus to critique to see if
his father’s artistic gift was inherited as many had thought.  Not a stranger to evaluating works for budding
artist Backus was supportive of the younger Hair’s efforts and told him he was on the right track and to keep
painting but pay more attention to his colors. There is no doubt that getting advice and approval from one of
the best was enough to strengthen Kelvin’s commitment to excel as an artist.  But what Kelvin remembers
most about that meeting is when Backus hugged him and started crying and said “I loved your father very
much.”  It was apparent that his father was much more than a student to Backus…he was someone special.  
Throughout the years Kelvin built on his talent and experiences, and
was fortunate enough to meet another kindred spirit from his father’
s past.  Alfred influenced highwaymen Johnny “Hook” Daniels.
Johnny helped hone Kelvin’s skills the old fasion highwaymen way.
Kelvin recalls Johnny picking up a brush and saying to Kelvin, “see
if you can follow me boy.” There was little to no preplanning…no
sketching…just put in the horizon line and start painting.  Kelvin
continued painting intermittently until 2000 when he started painting
full-time.  Kelvin has developed a loyal fan base that is amazed and
delighted by his vision, expressiveness, imagination, and artist
integrity that’s displayed in his work.
Just as Backus, Alfred, and Johnny did, Kelvin has not
stopped promoting art and giving the gift of art to others.
Kelvin shares his love and passion for art by teaching kids for
the Children’s Home Society (Fort Pierce) and Better Day at
Macedonia church in Gifford, Florida.   You do not need to be
an artist or even have any artistic abilities.  All you need is a
desire to learn and can hold a paint brush, your hand and you
are enough to be a student.  Also you do not have to be a
member of Macedonia or any church for that matter for
lessons. Additionally, he teaches a few select students at his
home studio and all the lessons and classes are free!
Kelvin `s philanthropy goes beyond his classes as he’s donated
paintings to the Navy Seal Museum, United Way, Hurricane
Victims, Children’s Home Society, Alzheimer’s, Literary Society,
Education Foundation and numerous others.       

Kelvin Hair was commissioned to paint
the cover of the first edition of the
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Kelvin was selected by Governor Rick Scott
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